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So we have been a bit busy?  So what?!  Here’s what is new in a few quick sentences.

2012 has come! Refinancing our house, for the better! Work for both of us is busy but good!  Have some new projects around the house.  Elizabeth has picked up on the Pinterest wagon, so hopefully some posts about that soon.  I am working with Liz’s dad to build two small decks on the side and back of our house.  That shall be my February-April project!  March is just SO busy for me I have to plan/prep in February and probably build in April.  Although I would love to build it in February!  So we’ll see.  Liz just spent the weekend on a Women’s Retreat and loved it.  This weekend we celebrate my 26th bday, holla holla!  Anyways, that is that right now.

Neither of us pulled for anyone particular in the SuperBowl.  But we did have a fun time hanging with teenagers for 4 hours!  It was awesome!  We’re back on the bandwagon so see you soon.


Word of the Day: Swan

It’s been a busy week for us in the Holland home.  Last Thursday night began a long weekend for us, so in preparation we grabbed dinner and watched our Thursday night shows on NBC, all while I was finishing my homework for the week.  One of our favorites is “Parks and Recreation” and Ron SWANson with all his manliness.  That show is awesome!

Friday brought another day of work for Liz, but a day of errands and prep work for “yard-work Saturday” for me.  The day flew by but we accomplished a ton!  I rented a tiller to have for the weekend so that we could loosen up our soul, to be ready to be graded.  There will be an extensive post coming on our progression with the yard this week to explain.  Needless to say Saturday we worked our tails off and got work done, son!

Check it.  Micah sleeping like a champ. 1) proves our exhaustion 2) how does one sleep like that!?

There was one more highlight of the day as we were outside, two swans came and perche in our retention pond.  They have been there for a few days now.  In my life, I have never seen “wild swans” and these things are huge!  I think they go from pond to pond in our vast neighborhood.  Still I’m going to enjoy them while they’re close by.  Check it:

I think I can, I think I can

So I have been into running since college but have really started getting into it more and more over the past year or two.  Last year Emily Ondish and I ran our first two 5k’s together…it was AWESOME!! It gives you such an accomplished feeling and you know that it is something that betters yourself and your health.  Well last weekend (october 1) I decided to run my first 10k, which is 6 miles.  (My goal was an hour and I did a little over that so I was pleased!) I had been running pretty good distance and thought I was more prepared than I was! My legs literally hurt until the following Wednesday!! Needless to say, I should have trained a little harder, haha.  But it was such a cool experience because it was put on at our church and I signed up for it with Emily but there were a lot of people from church running it to so it was cool to be there with so many people we knew!! So I got done with that race and then this past Saturday, I ran a 5k, that raises money for breast cancer, with Emily and Tonya and again, it was awesome! It was so fun running it with friends and the weather was amazing! Emily and I ran it last year and wanted to do it again and  Emily’s sister  and Tonya joined us.  I did a little over 30 mins which I wasn’t too thrilled about but it was still fun!! Now that I have finished that, my goal is to run a half marathon in March!!!! Let the training begin! 🙂

Apart from running my legs off, these past couple of weeks have been pretty calm and relaxing! I have finally rested up from DNOW and been able to spend time with the hubby since his worked has slowed down…for now 🙂 The weather has been incredible and puts me in the holiday mood! I finally bought a new car and have been loving it.  The Lord has definitely been providing, as he does EVERY time! But the Lord has also been challenging me over the past week or so, teaching me that it is not about me…it is about him! Sometimes we get so caught up in what WE want and what is good for US that we forget who placed us where we are and we are here for a reason.  Sometimes things happen in life that we don’t like or aren’t the way we would have them happen, but that’s when God steps in and shows us that it isn’t about what we want all the time, but it is about what brings glory to him!!! My daily very is proverbs 3:5-6….check it out and see how you can apply it to your life…TODAY!!! 🙂

Be Still and Know.

So he past few weeks have been amazing, yet psychotic!  Yesterday I was finally able to give my body and mind rest to the extreme for the first time in a bit.  It couldn’t have come at a more opportune moment, because although October is not as crazy, it is busy.  I kick back up with school as of yesterday, we start a new series at Detour (yes!), we kick off Elevate PM series (yes again!), and better yet, fall is here!!

But I was reminded today of an awesome scripture that has helped me through the chaos of these past few weeks.  Psalm 46:10 says ““Be still, and know that I am God”.  This verse is used often to help advise those who have a lot going on or are feeling overwhelmed with “life”.  But that’s not even the best part of the verse, I believe it has to be read in full context to get the most out of it.  The whole passage is basically praising God in many ways!  If there was an advertisement announcement for how awesome, mighty, and powerful God was, then Psalm 46 would be the script.  The rest of verse 10 is, “I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”  In reading the whole chapter describing how God is, then all of a sudden there is a command to “be still” and then a declaration that “I (being God) will be exalted”.  When I read that and have a crazy day, it causes me not only just to breathe and be still, but to exalt God for the many things.  It has allowed me to realize how important my time is with Him, and how important my time with my family (Liz and Micah our Husky) is.  That’s what God has been working in my heart and has helped me get through Psycho September!

Speaking of spending time with my family, last night was the first night in a while as well that Liz and I could just hang together and do nothing.  So we did just that!  We went and got a pizza and a movie, drove around a bit in her new car (that’s another post I’ll let her tell) and then came home and watched Rio.  Then God broke out an awesome Thunderstorm soundtrack for us to just sit and listen to together.  It was certainly peaceful and much appreciated.  Love wife-time!

And one more thing, speaking of “wife-time”, my wife is awesome!  We got up this morning (pretty early) to get prepped and ready her first 10K Race.  The Mentoring Men’s Ministry at our church was hosting one, and Liz signed up!  She rocked it and did a great job.  Definitely give her props for sticking through with it and running it out!  Here’s a quick pic of her finishing.  Much love.


My very first blog post…ever!!

Hey everyone!!! welcome to my first blog post EVER!! 🙂 I am a little nervous because I have always wanted to do one of these but just never have because…well, I just haven’t! But Matt has been doing them for years so we thought it would be fun and different to do for the both of us and just use it as a way to show you who we are from day to day…our struggles and joys…our ups and downs…the things that make us who we are! We hope that through these things, people can relate and hopefully be encouraged and help encourage us as well!

Matt mentioned DNOW in his blog…WHAT an incredible time!! As his wife and a volunteer in our youth ministry, I have the privilege and honor to be a part of some awesome experiences and DNOW is definitely one of them.  We have been at Caswell the past 2 weekends and are exhausted but so excited to see how God is going to use those 2 weekends to truly impact our youth group as well as our community.  I am a very proud wife when I get to see the Lord using my husband in leading worship at DNOW.  What a heart he has for the Lord and for serving others!! EVERY one involved in the band did such an incredible job and Stuart Hall spoke and was sooo captivating – I have always loved hearing him speak! I love bonding with the students and just hanging out and having fun with everyone! But there is just something about the feeling you get when you go to Caswell and so I love that we have our DNOW weekends down there.  DNOW also has a special place in my heart because that is where Matt proposed to me – he couldn’t have picked a more perfect place!! I love that we get to revisit that special moment every year, at the same time each year 🙂  Now we are just getting back into the swing of things and breathing a little easier now that DNOW is over and Matt has a LITTLE bit of free time on his hands! 🙂

Well that is all for today and I hope that you will continue to follow our blogs – we are excited to start this as a married couple and hope that you will stay tuned!! 🙂

DNow 2011

So this is my official first post on our new blog.  I separate the pronouns because Liz and myself will be blogging separately.  There will be times when we recap on things that we’ve done or experienced together.  But then there are times when we might share what we are going through as individuals, just in general life, spiritually, physically, or emotionally throughout times.

For me, today has been a day of rest.  One where I can literally sit and be still and listen to God.  Most of my day began with just catching up on sleep, but the rest was in solitude and silence meditating on God.  I got to catch up on work planning and setting forth goals to finish off this year!  Crazy to think 2011 is close to being over!  I know I’m excited about the cold weather, and ready for this rain to be gone!

But what caused me to be so tired was the past two weeks have been crazy hectic.  But not in a bad way whatsoever!  The craziness came from two straight weekends of DNow with a community of 1800 students from Wilmington and some other areas coming together to grow in Christ!  It was awesome and something I look forward to every year.  I am blessed to have a major role in the planning of it, and to see it grow year after year!  It has been awesome!!!  Stuart Hall spoke (I’ll get on that in a second), and a bunch of my friends and great musicians from Wilmington came together to help me lead in the worship!  There will soon be a post of pictures once the all come in (yeah… I’ll steal them off of Facebook probably).

But quickly before I go, I just wanted to share on one of the personal things God has been rocking on me in my heart and mind right now.  Stuart spoke on some great things, and the theme was “move”.  So it was awesome hearing how we should move toward each other, with a purpose, and move toward God.  Now they were all separate messages, but they all can be combined together in the big picture.  The thing that rocked me a bit is when Stuart called out those who were “jerks” and how they treated people.  Now by no means do I believe I am a “bully” or “jock” in stereotype.   But it definitely hit home that sometimes, even just in joking, I’m a jerk.  That might be around students, that might be around friends, and sometimes it is around my wife.  So God is working that out in my heart and mind to take notice on how I treat people.

He is also rocking my world on “holiness”, but that is a totally different post!  Thanks so much for taking the time to read this!  I’m honored that you did and keep in touch!   Much love.

Hello world!

We are currently still figuring this thing out, but will have updates soon!  Thanks for checking us out!

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